Thursday, March 19, 2015

February Extras

This little girl loves to eat! She helped me make some flourless chocolate muffins, which were pretty tasty!

Since my kids don't go to school or a co-op, they wanted a chance to pass out Valentines. We organized a little After Valentine's Day Valentines Party with friends. It had such a great turn out! I think there were 30 something kids! My kids had a blast decorating their boxes a few days before. I think Addie was confused by the fact that not many kids had boxes. I guess everyone doesn't think as 'fancy' as her. I had to explain to her that it's okay to do your own thing and be different. :)

Sorting and eating candy!
 Tuesdays are rough. We leave the house at about 3:30pm. That is right about the time that traffic is getting bad. We drive 35-40 minutes to ballet then sit there for an hour in a room where we can't see Addie. Addie usually wants to change out of her ballet clothes after class, this makes us the last people to leave almost every time. Then we drive for 40-50 minutes to get home. We are usually home by about 6:15. Almost a 3 hour trip for a 1 hour ballet class. I am thankful it is only once a week at this point. I don't think I could make that trip with all 4 kids more often than that!

Dia and Johnny get bored. I usually bring the ipad so they can play games. Or they like to steal my phone and take random pictures of people. Only a few more months until the recital!


Happy birthday Daniel! We celebrated with dinner at Red Robin (where else?!) then some shopping. 

She loves to climb up on things. Maybe she will be our first real climber??

Northwest Trek was having a deal for a few days where kids get in for free with a paying adult. Uh, yes please!! We went with some friends and had a great time!

My new bike! I had been holding on to the money for this for some time now and we finally got around to actually buying it! So fun. Now all I need is a bike trailer to carry the little 2 in and we are set!

I spy a little baby who loves to read while we are doing school!

First pony tail! She was not too excited about it.

For weeks Johnny kept telling me that I needed to make him a new blanket because the one he had (one that I had made when he was a baby) was getting too short to cover his whole body. So, I set out to the craft store and bought some fabric. I am a little disappointed at how it turned out but he loves it!! He sleeps with it every night. I love that he wanted me to make him another one and wasn't asking to buy one. :)

We've started doing chores! We have a chore chart and every Friday is payday at our house! They are both saving up for very expensive toys! We'll see how long this lasts.

I took Addie in to get her eyes checked because she would sometimes say that she couldn't see a period in her book or that her eyes were really tired after working for awhile. Turns out she has a mild astigmatism in 1 eye. She has glasses that are for reading but she can (and often does) wear them all the time. I think she looks adorable!

We have a lot planned this year as far as activities go. Some are as a family and some are just Daniel and I. I'm pretty stoked to have the time to be able to get out more and do fun things! We started out by taking the family to see an ice skating show at Sprinker. This is where Addie and Johnny took ice skating lessons. This show was so fun! 

I love a good hair day. I have been trying to figure out how to curl my hair forever now. I'm really trying not to cut but it drives me crazy! I think I finally found something that works!

Family Sunday Selfie!


Found the motivation to make Opal a Valentine's Day bag. These things are so hard to make! I thought I might as well get it over with this year and not drag it out until next year!
Yes I am still unpacking. And doing 2 craft projects in the middle of that made my room even more of a disaster! *sigh* Maybe one day it will be organized.

Valentine's Day dinner! I love my little family. Daniel and I went out in the morning on a breakfast date and spent the evening at home with the kids!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Daddy Daughter Dance

We have a lot of things planned for this year, which makes me very excited! Since we won't have a tiny little newborn we are trying to get out and do more! The county parks and rec. where we live has a lot of fun activities that are pretty inexpensive. We added a few to our calender, first up was the Daddy Daughter Dance! 

This was our first time going to one of these and the girls were very excited! Any time they get to spend alone with one of us (or with less than all siblings) is always a treat. :)

First time wearing "hanging down" earrings!

The theme was 'Alice in Wonderland'. There were a few characters in costume at the dance, as well as snacks and treats! They danced and had a great time! I guess Dia was pretty tired by the end but Addie wanted to stay the whole time.

I got to spend the evening with my little man (and Opal, who went to bed early!). Johnny got to pick out whatever movie he wanted to watch and I made popcorn and hot chocolate! It was a great night!

Friday, March 6, 2015

January happenings

Things haven't been too exciting around here lately. We took quite a bit of time off from school and our normal routine. It was nice to get somewhat caught up on things around the house! Now we are feeling a little more normal and ready to get back to a routine!

I sure do love this face! She is a feisty one! She can stand up for herself and will be able to put up a pretty good fight when she gets a little bit bigger. She's learned to say "cheese" and will say it anytime we get a camera/phone out to take a picture. It's too funny!

She also loves to get in to things. Literally. It's impossible to have her around when we are doing dishes and I have completely given up on trying to keep the cabinet (pictured below) organized because she is in there daily destroying it!

I feel bad for the employee that had to clean her spit off the mirror at the shoe store but I had to get a picture! She was having too much fun!

We had a few weeks of super foggy days. I am not sure if it was like this everywhere nearby or just for us in Bonney Lake because we are up on the hill. At first it was fun and pretty and I love fog, but after awhile I had enough. It starts to get depressing.

I decided to let the kids come along on a couple of my runs at the beginning of my 10k training because it was a run/walk workout. Never again. Too stressful and too slow!

Waiting for pictures at Costco!

My friend that helped me with the photo wall at our other house came over one day and helped me do this one! I love it! Pictures on the wall add so much to a home! (PS I found the missing frame so we don't have a paper taped up there anymore!).

My poor girls and their crazy hair. I just don't know what to do with hers.

At the beginning of the month Daniel took a really hard test for work. He studied like crazy and was pretty nervous about it. While he was gone taking the test the kids painted him some pictures! They were pretty excited for him because they knew that it was a big deal and that he had worked really hard.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Opal's first birthday!

Opal turned 1 on January 14th! She started the day with a fancy breakfast made by her big sister. :) She was quite excited when she saw it! All of her favorite starchy foods! (Don't worry, I didn't let her eat all of that bread, and I tore it up in to little bite sized pieces).

After dinner (we skipped the visit to Red Robin and ate at home,a first for us) we went over to the mall to get her ears pierced! We took the other 2 girls to the same place and when we got there the lady working said she isn't piercing. Um, how are you working at a piercing place if you can't do piercings?! Maybe she was new and still being trained, in that case please don't practice on my baby. :) So we headed over to Claires instead. The employee there said she does babies ears everyday, a little more comforting.

Their little cries are so sad. She was a champ though, just like her sisters and only cried for about 3 minutes. Then it was done!

I know it looks like I am holding my hand over her mouth but I am trying to hold the pacifier in there!

All done! Look at that big tear on her cheek! She is such a snugly little girl!

And 2 minutes happy!

Next we headed home to open presents and have cake!

I love the sibling participation and anticipation!

Next was cup cake time! She had no problem digging right in and devoured the whole thing!

We kept it low key this year. Just us, nothing fancy. Maybe we will step it up a notch for her second birthday. :)

And as of the end of this post, I am officially caught up on the blog!! Hurray!!!!!!