Sunday, January 22, 2017

October Wrap Up 2016

Love this face!

We enjoyed a little family racquetball ball! I only got hit in the belly a few times. :/

My mom brought me a stack of old photos on her last visit here. I thought this one was fun to share on my sister's birthday!

We sure do love our hot chocolate stops!

I've been cleaning and purging stuff like crazy over here. Addie thought it was fun helping me organize all my thread.

Dia saved up her money to buy a dog that comes in a carrying case. Opal loved it so much I thought she needed one too. That way there was no fighting! Totally worth it!

Modeling her new helmet. 

Johnny finally saved up enough to buy his Ripstick! He was soooo excited. It was pretty fun watching him (and Daniel!) try it out when we got home! He's actually pretty good on it now that he's had some time to practice!

He was so excited about it he even slept with it that first night.

Spending my birthday at the driver's licensing office with all 4 kids. Always fun!

The joy of home ownership! Our dishwasher sprung a leak. Thankfully we were able to head over to Lowe's and bring home a new one that same day. I can't live without it! Art work by Addie.

Installing the new one.

So shiny and new!

Happy Halloween

 I love October! It's my birthday month, Halloween and I feel like it's the start of the holiday season. I really tried to make the best of it this year even though we were busy and I was tired. To kick off the Halloween fun we had a little party with our friends the Brennans. 

We played some games.

Addie made some treats!

And we did a craft! The kids had fun and my kids love any excuse to throw a party!

Next up was pumpkin carving! This year Addie and Johnny did most of theirs all on their own. They did the design and carving. I kept it simple for the girls with little kits I got from Target. Love that store!

I did carve out all the seeds from the little girl's pumpkins. This was the seeds from all 4 pumpkins! And they were soooo good after we baked them. We could eat them all year!

I got brave and told the kids I would help make their costumes this year. Some were easier than others but they all came out just how they wanted!

Addie's was by far the hardest and most complicated. I had to get creative with some of the pieces.

Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon.

He called himself an army guy.

These 2 wanted to be My Little Ponies.

Pumpkin Patch

The kids and I checked out a new pumpkin patch in October. We looked at pumpkins, did the corn maze and went on the hayride. The weather was nice and the sun was out.

I love the way he thinks. He saw some hook shaped pumpkins and started acting like a pirate.

She won't ever look right at the camera!

Nice view of Mt Rainier!

I think Dia had an issue with the hay. She loved the ride but not the hay.

They would have spent all day playing at this water station. We seriously need to build one.