Tuesday, January 17, 2017

September 2016

I took Addie and Johnny on a hike on the John Wayne Trail. Most of the hike is through the Snoqualmie Tunnel which is an abandoned railroad. The tunnel is 2.3 miles of near pitch blackness. We all had our flashlights and head lamps on. Once out of the tunnel we stopped and ate lunch then walked the 2.3 miles back the other way! I wasn't sure if the kids were going to be okay with the dark but they powered through! Addie was a little anxious at the beginning and I think if I asked her if she wanted to go again she would probably say no. :)

I finally finished touching up some wall art around the house. The family photo wall is downstairs and I added the clocks and pillows to the playroom. 

The difference between a neat and organized girl and a messy boy's room!

 We started the school year at the beginning of September. Some of our curriculum is new this year and some we kept the same from last year. I designed it to be very independent knowing that come February I would not be able to help them as much. I am actually really happy with how the year is going and I think they are enjoying it as well. Less tears and fighting with me for sure!


Being grumpy!

During the day our neighborhood is pretty quiet. A lot of people are away at work and school. We always seem to make so much noise when we head out on walks with scooters and bikes!

I have a love/hate relationship with electronics. The kids want to be on them all the time and that drives me crazy! But when I need it quiet so I can take a nap they are my best friend. :)

For the first half of the school year (Sept-Dec) the 3 older kids were in a home school PE class. It was only once a week. Dia and Johnny were in the same 30 minute class and Addie was in the next older class that was 45 minutes. It was a bit of a struggle keeping Opal entertained the whole time and we had some meltdown moments but I think the kids had fun! Johnny wished he was in the older class because they did more fun things. Poor kid can't wait to be 8 for so many different reasons! At the end of the semester we all decided it will be easier if we just do some classes at the YMCA for now and not enroll again in PE.

Baby number 5 cooking along. Left = 19 weeks. Right = 20 weeks

Another September item for the scavenger hunt group was to throw someone a surprise 'unbirthday' party. We baked a cake, hung decorations and yelled "Surprise!" when Daniel came home. Any excuse for cake if good for me!

There was a cute little kitten wondering around our neighborhood for a couple of weeks. She was extremely friendly and no one knew who she belonged to. I would have taken her in but it was clear she belonged to someone and Daniel said absolutely no cats. So we fed her a few times and let her nap on our couch. Finally someone on our street tracked down the owner and they came and got her.  :(

Lost another tooth!

Saturday at Discount Tire with dad.

 Fair time!!


I don't know what this picture was for but I thought it was a cute one. :)

Melanie and Garrisyn visit!

We always love when family comes to visit! My older sister Melanie and her daughter (who is Opal's age) came to see us! We did a few fun things outside of the house but we mostly just let the kids play!

Picking Garrisyn up from the airport.

We ventured to the Pacific Science Center one morning and they had a blast! Always a fun place to take people.

Checking out the chickens.

We live near some houses that have horses and goats. The kids and I have stopped to see the horses before but never the goats. We decided to load up the kids and go check them out. People feed them all the time and they love it! The owners even have a sign with their names and sometimes signs out that say things like "bring us your pumpkins". They were pretty funny and ate everything we brought for them!

Bonney Lake Triathlon

In September Daniel completed his second triathlon! This time he did the Olympic distance which is about twice as long as the Sprint (the one we did in July). This triathlon took place here in Bonney Lake so it was kind of fun that he was on familiar territory. 

Cheering Dad on at the finish line! We are part of a home school scavenger hunt group and one of the items for September was hug a police officer. My kids were being shy and this was as close as they would get to hugging him. :)

The chaos before the race!

Daniel with Dan Roach and his son Ethan (they are in our ward). They both completed the race also. Dan has done several but this was Ethan's first one and he came in first for his age group. Pretty impressive if you ask me!

Nice job Daniel! On to the next one...

Friday, January 13, 2017

August 2016

One of the last photos of Bella before we gave her back to the breeder!

First time on the wall at the YMCA. He loved it!

Working hard on cleaning his room on a Saturday morning.

13 weeks!

We took a trip to the beach with friends to learn about some of the creatures you can find during low tide. We saw some fun things!


I was able to go over to Yakima, WA for a home school conference. It was an overnight trip all by myself! It was short and quick but so nice to have some ME time. While I was there I was able to stop and see a good friend who moved over there not too long ago. We are both due to have babies within a month or so of each other!

 We schooled over most of the summer this year. Nothing strenuous or really time consuming but we did stretch it out. So our last day of school photos ended up happening in August, right before the new year began.


Lesson planning for the new year always makes me feel organized and ready!

This is what grocery shopping with 4 kids looks like. :)

Opal was sleepy and wanted someone to snuggle. He is such a sweet big brother. :)