Thursday, January 28, 2016

Happy Birthday Opal Dawn Part 2!

I feel a little bit (maybe just a tiny bit) bad that we didn't do much for Opal's birthday. She is only 2. And her birthday was on a weekday and she doesn't really have a lot of little friends yet. So she just got us, Red Robin (we didn't even have them sing and bring her ice cream!) and presents. I don't think she minded and was really excited about all of her gifts.

Opal is spunky, fiesty and smart. Too smart for her own good sometimes! She loves to climb and do things for herself. Her and Dia and frenemies and I am waiting for when the 18 month age gap becomes 'awesome' like so many people have said it would be. She has so much personality! Our house would be boring without her. :)

We started the morning with special birthday pancakes with whip cream!

Birthday selfie with mom. :)

Modeling her new shoes!

We decided to add some new play food to the play kitchen. Opal and Dia play with it a lot while we are doing school. I found a cute wood 'fridge' on craigslist so now we have a place to store all of the food! Since it was just Christmas she knew exactly how to tear all the wrapping paper off by herself!

She seriously loves this little cake my sister gave her.

Definitely a girly girl and likes anything frilly and fluffy!

I went to Marshalls to shop for her. I figured she didn't know it was her birthday so I took all the kids along with me. She kept pointing to this baby on the very top shelf and saying 'baby, baby'. We handed her 3 other dolls that were laying there but she would hand them back and point at this one. I snuck it in the cart and she forgot all about it. She was so excited when she opened it on her birthday! She carries it all over the house, usually by the hair. :/ 

"Can I eat it mom?"

She tried to blow the candles out and I think she did eventually with a little bit of help!

Of course she only ate the frosting off the top and was done!

Happy birthday baby girl!

Happy birthday Opal Dawn!

Can't believe my little one is 2 already! Weird realization I had on her birthday: This is the first time I've had a child turn 2 years old without me being pregnant or have a newborn! Crazy thought. Anyway, Opal was super cooperative and let me snap some photos of her. And by 2 year old standards cooperative means I had about 5 minutes to get the settings right on the camera and take some pictures before she ran off!

But look at that face!! I know some of these shots look so similar to one another by I love them all!

A certain someone got jealous about all the attention Opal was getting and needed to be in some pictures too.

Starting to get silly toward the end. She kept trying to poke the lens with her fingers!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Snoqualmie Snow

New Year's Day we headed up to Snoqualmie Pass to find some snow. The place we usually go tubing at was all sold out so we set out in search of some hills! We found a place that was pretty popular. Being New Years Day and all there were quite a few people at this spot but the kids had a great time anyway!

Opal was not sure of the snow or trying to walk around in her snow gear. She was happy to just sit and watch everyone else play. We could not convince Dia to go down even the smallest of the hills. She did make a few snow angels!

This kid loved it!! He was flying down!

Wipe out #1 for Addie!

Trying to persuade Dia to try it...

Her face cracks me up!

Wipe out #2! I like how Johnny is laughing!

I tried really hard to get a picture of these awesome snow flakes! The lighting just was not good where we were. They really were so much prettier in person!

Trying to tell me she was unhappy about something. Love the hand gestures.

Hanging out. :)

The day ended with a hole in the tire tube (which was for swimming, not snow!) and Dia needing to go to the bathroom. Until next year...