Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pedersen Road Trip 2015 - Los Angeles

After checking out from our hotel at Disneyland, we headed north to LA! My sister and her husband met us there on Hollywood Boulevard! We had fun reading the names on the stars. Johnny found a few that had "Johnny" and we found some Disney Characters. 

Along the way we found the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum and decided to check it out! There was some interesting and even creepy stuff in there!

The world's tallest man!

Wax lady showing how the Chinese used to break their feet and wrap them, Ouch!

The kids (and Nicole and Blake!) had fun dancing in this room that showed your shadow as you moved!

Creepy tattoo/piercing (wax) people!

Posing like Marilyn.

This is as close as we got to the famous Hollywood sign!

 After leaving Hollywood Blvd. we drove to the Los Angeles Temple. The visitor's center there is pretty fun for the kids!

By this point everyone was pretty tired so we found a hotel in LA and called it a day!

Pedersen Road Trip 2015 - Family Pictures California

On one of our Disneyland days, we snuck in a photo shoot before heading to the park! It's not very often that the whole family is together so it was time for new family pictures!

My older sister Melanie with her husband Jake and 3 kids!

Us. :)

My only brother Dustin with his wife Maygen and their 3 kids.

My little sister Nicole and her husband Blake.

Sibling love. :)

We are reenacting our childhood!
Melanie used to grab my ankles when I walked by so I would trip and fall. Dustin used to have chubby cheeks so we could squeeze them and make him say, "chubby cheeks". And Dustin was always tormenting Nicole!

My cute parents!

Huckaby Family!

All the grand kids!

Grand parents with all their grand kids.

The gang! All 20 of us!

After pictures we went out to eat. Uncle Dustin was reading the menu to the kids so they could order. He's so funny because he is a super serious Marine but he is goofy with the kids!

Pedersen Road Trip 2015 - Disneyland Part 3

Here are all of the characters we got signatures for!! Other than blogging this, my next project is to make the signature book!