Tuesday, November 29, 2016

May wrap up 2016

Opal learned how to climb out of her crib. That's fun. She pulls herself up on the railing then uses this bookshelf to get down. Awesome.

I think this is the only Mother's Day picture we managed to get this year!

Daniel and I were training hard for a triathlon in May! Lots of running, biking and swimming going on. Some Saturday mornings we would get a babysitter so we could go out riding together!

For our manners unit, we had to prepare a 'fancy' dinner using lots of place settings and of course manners. :)

If only she would just lay down in her own bed and take a nap!

This kid!!

Hiking in the Pacific Northwest

Daniel and I are trying to get the kids to enjoy being out doors and hiking/exploring. They usually whine for a minute, then love it. But if it's slightly too long then they are back to whining. We have so many trails here to explore! We even took Bella along on this one to try and get her used to walking and being around other people. Between her and the kids it was a lot of work! We stopped halfway and had lunch then headed back down. I think the total was around 4 miles!

There were some big slugs out there! As big as Johnny's foot!

Seattle Aquarium

One Friday in May Daniel took the day off and we all headed up to Seattle via the Sounder train! The kids had this on their list of things they wanted to do forever now. They loved it! We woke up early and caught the last train up, played in Seattle for awhile and got on the first train back. It was a long day with lots of walking but definitely memorable!

Waiting for the train!

Watching everything fly by!

Our first stop was the Seattle Aquarium. We had never been before because the price scared me off. We bit the bullet and went for it anyway!

Amused by the jelly fish!

We sat and watched this huge blue fish on the bottom for awhile. He was really big! There were so many cool looking fish.

Sea lions.

After the aquarium and lunch we hit up an ice cream place! We briskly walked through Pike Place Market before moving on.

We finally stopped at the gum wall! Hard to believe we have lived here for almost 10 years and this was our first time! So so gross!

Overall it was a fun and successful day. No major meltdowns and they loved the train!


We've known that Addie was going to need braces for awhile (her brother is not far behind!). When I was out of town Daniel got to take her in to get them on! She was brave and didn't complain about the pain too much. I am amazed at the transformation so far in only 6 months!

Her before picture!

And after! She was so excited!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Las Vegas Trip

In May my little sister Nicole graduated from PT school! Since my husband loves me so much he agreed (I still don't know how I got him to!) to let me go home for a few days by myself! I left him with the puppy and all 4 kids. But oh man, it was so nice to get away. I needed a break! While I was there my family planned a bunch of things. My niece had a birthday party, the graduation and my sister's baby shower. It was busy and crazy but fun!

I got to meet my niece's little man Ryker! Such a cutie.

Graduation day!

It's always a good time when we all get together. I am so glad my brother and his family were able to come to town also!

Baby shower time! My older sister Melanie and I having fun. :)

Celebrating Nicole not only graduating but expecting her first baby!

My niece Garryson loves the camera.

While I was napping, eating out and having fun, at home they were busy as well!

They went shopping...

...did some cleaning

and yard work...


did school work and ate Popsicles...

and Daniel braved church by himself!

These trips are always fun but I do miss my babies and they are excited when I come home!