Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Opal Dawn 8 months

So first off, this little girl is a happy baby. So content to ride around in the car and waits patiently to receive attention. 

 Second, she is so hard to take pictures of! She won't look at the camera so I get lots of side shots like she is pondering the ways of life. Like this next one...

and this one...

and this one...

and this one.

Then she acts like *maybe* she is going to look!

Good thing I love pictures that show her cutie cheeks and little facial features!

Opal Dawn 7 months

I'm still a month behind! Here are her 7 month pictures from the middle of August!!

Wondering what on earth her sister is doing!

Always loved by every one!

Opal Dawn 6 months

6 months is one of my favorite baby ages. They are a little less baby and a little more fun. She was 6 months old in July, I am trying to catch up. :)

 As I was going through the pictures I took, I  laughed when I got to this one of Opal. I knew I had one similar of me at the same age! I asked my mom to send it to me so I could do a side by side comparison!

Diadora turns 2!

Diadora turned 2 in July. Having a 2 year old is always fun. And exhausting. But Dia seriously keeps us laughing every day! She has so much spunk and expression! We didn't do much for her birthday, we kept it to just dinner and presents. She doesn't quite get the whole 'birthday party' thing yet anyway. :)

Addie really wanted to get her a present but we were so busy I didn't have time to take her to buy one. One day Addie told me she was going to give Dia some of her dress up items that were too small for her. She also added some baby dolls and other toys. I was really impressed (and glad that I wasn't going to have to spend more money!).

Love my girlies.

I saw these stacking blocks on Amazon and thought they were really cute but never ordered them. Right before her birthday I was at TJ Maxx and there they were! Much cheaper than they were online of course!

My parents bought her a water table. This turned out to be a big hit with every one! Over the summer, Diadora didn't like to get in the pool we had, so the water table was her fun water toy!

Happy birthday Dia!!