Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Addie turns 7!!

June was a crazy busy month for us. We had to try and plan Addie's birthday festivities in with a bunch of other things. It was hectic for us but I don't think she noticed. :) The morning of her birthday I headed off to a home school convention with some friends. Then her and I went for our annual pedicures. After that, Daniel and I went back to the convention, and finally it was Red Robin time!! She was a bit spoiled this year because we finally just gave her all of the things we were holding on to. I tend to buy things during the year thinking I will give it to her for her birthday or Christmas. Then those holidays come and go and I forget about the things I hid away! Anyway, I think she was pretty happy. The one thing she really, really wanted was a Twinn Doll. I think I ordered the wrong color eyes and hair, but she loves her!

 We had her birthday party on Saturday morning. At 9:30am (if you know us, that is early!). With every one's schedules that is the only time we could do it! It worked out very nice because she decided that she wanted to have a Fancy Nancy party. We made it in to a breakfast tea party. We served doughnuts, eggs and fruit. I made it as fancy as I could without spending a ton of money! Her two best friends Jack and Damsel came.

After breakfast the boys played some legos...

...and the girls played dress up! I did feel bad for Jack because it was kind of a girly party. I guess they do get to an age when co-ed parties aren't always ideal. It was a fun little party though! After that we headed to a ward Father's Day lunch!! Addie has been carrying her Twinn Doll around everywhere, roller skating in her new skates and dressing up 10 times a day! I think being 7 is going to be great!

Last day of school

We officially ended our first year of home school! Hurray!! The kids (and I) were ready to be done. I am excited for new curriculum and new activities. Over all I think the year went really well. I will have to do a whole blog post about the year later. I am definitely still learning and there are a lot of things I will do different this next year. We had our good days and our not so good days. I am learning that everyone has those days when they want to quit and they are wondering why they chose to home school. I am not alone. Having a toddler and a newborn were definitely challenging, I am looking forward to Dia being a little bit older and more independent. We will see how next year goes with Johnny home with us all day! Mostly I am thankful that I get to spend so much time with my kids everyday. They really do grow up so fast and I don't want to miss any of it! (Even if that means I need to take a nap most days and I need an escape to Target alone every now and then!). Crazy that I have a second grader!

(love my photo bomber!)

Opal Dawn 5 Months

This was definitely not the best photo shoot we have done. Opal wasn't in a cute outfit and the lighting was bad in the room but I was already past her actual '5 month' day and was just in a hurry to get it done. All I really need is one good picture to write anyway right?! She is still a super cute baby. :)  I had her older siblings help me out and try to make her smile. I did capture a few where she is laughing!

Preschool Program

Johnny had an end of the year preschool mini program. The kids sang a couple of songs at the beginning of the church service (his preschool is at a Luthern Church) then we stayed to see a little slide show. He really loved going to preschool this year. I think he mostly just loved his teacher, Mrs. Papen. She is really the reason we sent him to school. She is so nice! Although Addie did 2 years of preschool, we have decided to keep Johnny home next year and just home school him along with Addie. He keeps saying next year he will be in a different class. I just smile and say 'Yep. You will be!'. 

These two are goofy. They are such good buddies! Johnny loved going to the same school (even though they were in different classes!).

My trip to California!

At the end of April, I was able to escape for a week! Opal and I went to California to see my sister who was about to have a baby!! Towards the end of the trip I was starting to think I wasn't going to be able to see the baby, but little Garrisyn Rochelle decided to come the day before I left! It was such a fun trip. I did miss my other kids, but it was so nice to have a little break!

The nice lady on the airplane next to me insisted on taking a picture of Opal and me.

Addie gave me this sweet note when I was leaving and told me to read it when I got on the airplane!

Of course we had to make a stop at In N Out. Yummyyy!!!!!

My brother and sister live next door to each other so we got to see a lot of him too!! I finally got to meet his cutie baby Colton! My younger sister and Dad came out for a few days too! They had to leave before the baby was born, but at least we got to hang out for a few days!

Sleeping babies. These 2 are 2 months apart!

We did lots of walking trying to get Baby V to come out! We even stopped and got chair massages at the mall...

...walked the pier and ate lunch at Ruby's.

Opal loved being held by her cousin Kadence. Opal was seriously so good the whole trip. She slept a lot and even cooperated so that I could take pictures during the birth. I love her!

This is Boots. I found Boots one winter while I was working in Springville at a school. He was outside in the snow freezing and all alone! So I rescued him and my sister adopted him.

Little Miss Garrisyn. <3 p="">

Proud big sister. These 2 girls are 18 years apart!

I am so so so glad I got to meet her before I had to go back home! Good job Mel!

Uncle Dustin.

I tried to take a few newborn photos before I left. Some came out pretty decent. I don't know how people get newborns to pose in all those ridiculously cute poses!

Cousins 4 months apart!!

Cute little family. Minus the 2 older kids :)

My Mom and I taking a selfie while my sister was laboring hard. I can't even say how excited I was that it wasn't me in labor!