Thursday, May 14, 2015

March Wrap Up

We made a trip to Ikea to pick up a few things! We always find more than what was on my list but I really stuck to it this time! PS. I really want this couch for the playroom!

Quick stop at Dad's office before heading home!
We did a little remodel project on our master bedroom. By 'we' I mean we hired someone to do it! He ended up taking longer than planned and didn't do the best job, but you get what you pay for right?! He was way cheaper than the other guy that gave us a quote! But the work got done that's what matters. I'll have 'after' pictures later!

This was our huge bedroom before we added a wall making a 4th bedroom!

I thought we were done living with painters tape and plastic walls! Aaaaah. The nightmares! :) The picture on the right is material being dropped off in our driveway. Huge flat bed truck and a guy on a fork lift. Very discreet. I don't think anyone will know we are remodeling!

Daniel and I ran a 5k together for the first time! This was just a regular run on a trail. No obstacles, or mud and it wasn't a relay. I had a goal of finishing in 30 minutes and we ended up at about 30:35. Close enough. :)

I love trying to get pictures of little kids. So cute but never cooperative at all! These two will be buddies one day, right?!


Opal got a swing for Christmas. Eventually it will be hanging from the back porch but for now it's in the garage. One day we will have a whole kid friendly fun area in there too!

Making silly faces at dinner!

7 years old and addicted to Pinterest!

Quick afternoon project.

Dairy Queen free ice cream cone day!

Trying to pick colors for Johnny's room! We wanted to match the grey that was already in there but it took us a few tries to find it! Then we had to pick a blue. It's all painted now and looks great! (pictures to come!)

Family movie night!!

We made a quick trip to Target one morning. It was only about 11:00 am. I looked down and her little head was bobbing up and down, she had fallen asleep! Poor thing! I had a few more things to get still. Every time we started walking or hit a bump she would jolt up and open her eyes for just a second. By the time we were checking out I was holding her head with one hand and trying to pay with the other!

I love her crazy, curly hair!

I hate running. I really do. I like running races but the training I dislike. Sometimes it's nice to have a pretty view to keep you going. 

 He can now climb to the top of the rope (where it meets the chain!). He loves gymnastics!!

Easter 2015

With Easter being in March this year it seemed to sneak up on us. I did order the kids matching outfits a few weeks before but we didn't get around to dying eggs until the Friday before Easter! I don't even think we took pictures of that or of them hunting for eggs. Parent fail. 

This year we did try something new. We did a Holy Week starting on Palm Sunday. Every night we did an activity, read some scriptures and watched a short video about what went on that day for the whole week leading up to Christ's Resurrection. I really liked it, I think the kids did too! We'll definitely be doing that again next year and hopefully as they get older they will be able to sit for longer than 5 minutes and listen. :)

This is what our wall looked like by the end of the week!

Fairies and Fantasy

Part of the BYU Ballet company made a stop in Tacoma while on their tour! They were performing 'Fairy Tales and Fantasy'. There were selections from Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Raymonda and Swan Lake. A friend posted on facebook that she was going so we bought some tickets and joined their group. It was so fun! Addie was in heaven. :) 

We were able to get there early and enjoy the meet and greet before the performance. We had a ask a few of the dancers who they were in the ballet. They were all so nice! I caught one of them yawning while she was waiting for another person to take a picture with. I think she felt embarrassed. I told her that even though I am not a touring ballerina, I know what crazy fatigue feels like! At intermission the kids could go up on stage and dance with the performers. Addie is a little shy and was hesitant to go on stage but happy that she did!


Snow White and Prince Charming. (This was the only male in the group and had to dance all of the male parts!)

One of the Fairies in Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty and 2 fairies. The sun was right behind them so it was hard to get a decent picture!

They even had mini cupcakes and juice to snack on! Just what every princess needs. :)

Every time I tried to get a better view of Addie the girl in blue would move too! You get the idea though. :)


I know I've been meaning to post about our school year but let's face it, I can't even keep up with the simple monthly posts! We are really enjoying this year. It is going soooooo much better than last year. We switched up curriculum, played with the schedule to see what works and I am just trying to be easy going about it all. Sure we still have grumpy days (not just the kids!) but we also have really good days. Our normal week is Monday-Thursday with a field trip on Friday. We work until lunch then everyone needs a break! I am looking forward to finishing up what we are working on and getting in to next years curriculum! I love new books and schedules!!

One of our science units was on the Solar System. At first Johnny said it was going to be boring but by the end he was asking everyday if we were going to be doing an experiment. :)

This photo is just random. I love how she can dress up however she wants. :)

I made this mixture of shaving cream and glue and it was so fun! The kids played in it for a little bit then we made them in to moons!

Our Solar System wall. Yes, as a friend pointed out the planets are not in order. :) We didn't learn about them in order either. We just picked one at random and read about it.

Moon phases with Oreos. You can't go wrong with food!

After our anatomy unit I bought them the game Operation. This time they got a big solar system floor puzzle! 

We are just starting to wrap some things up. I hope to be about done with our school 'year' by the middle of June so we can take a quick break then start again!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

February Extras

This little girl loves to eat! She helped me make some flourless chocolate muffins, which were pretty tasty!

Since my kids don't go to school or a co-op, they wanted a chance to pass out Valentines. We organized a little After Valentine's Day Valentines Party with friends. It had such a great turn out! I think there were 30 something kids! My kids had a blast decorating their boxes a few days before. I think Addie was confused by the fact that not many kids had boxes. I guess everyone doesn't think as 'fancy' as her. I had to explain to her that it's okay to do your own thing and be different. :)

Sorting and eating candy!
 Tuesdays are rough. We leave the house at about 3:30pm. That is right about the time that traffic is getting bad. We drive 35-40 minutes to ballet then sit there for an hour in a room where we can't see Addie. Addie usually wants to change out of her ballet clothes after class, this makes us the last people to leave almost every time. Then we drive for 40-50 minutes to get home. We are usually home by about 6:15. Almost a 3 hour trip for a 1 hour ballet class. I am thankful it is only once a week at this point. I don't think I could make that trip with all 4 kids more often than that!

Dia and Johnny get bored. I usually bring the ipad so they can play games. Or they like to steal my phone and take random pictures of people. Only a few more months until the recital!


Happy birthday Daniel! We celebrated with dinner at Red Robin (where else?!) then some shopping. 

She loves to climb up on things. Maybe she will be our first real climber??

Northwest Trek was having a deal for a few days where kids get in for free with a paying adult. Uh, yes please!! We went with some friends and had a great time!

My new bike! I had been holding on to the money for this for some time now and we finally got around to actually buying it! So fun. Now all I need is a bike trailer to carry the little 2 in and we are set!

I spy a little baby who loves to read while we are doing school!

First pony tail! She was not too excited about it.

For weeks Johnny kept telling me that I needed to make him a new blanket because the one he had (one that I had made when he was a baby) was getting too short to cover his whole body. So, I set out to the craft store and bought some fabric. I am a little disappointed at how it turned out but he loves it!! He sleeps with it every night. I love that he wanted me to make him another one and wasn't asking to buy one. :)

We've started doing chores! We have a chore chart and every Friday is payday at our house! They are both saving up for very expensive toys! We'll see how long this lasts.

I took Addie in to get her eyes checked because she would sometimes say that she couldn't see a period in her book or that her eyes were really tired after working for awhile. Turns out she has a mild astigmatism in 1 eye. She has glasses that are for reading but she can (and often does) wear them all the time. I think she looks adorable!

We have a lot planned this year as far as activities go. Some are as a family and some are just Daniel and I. I'm pretty stoked to have the time to be able to get out more and do fun things! We started out by taking the family to see an ice skating show at Sprinker. This is where Addie and Johnny took ice skating lessons. This show was so fun! 

I love a good hair day. I have been trying to figure out how to curl my hair forever now. I'm really trying not to cut but it drives me crazy! I think I finally found something that works!

Family Sunday Selfie!


Found the motivation to make Opal a Valentine's Day bag. These things are so hard to make! I thought I might as well get it over with this year and not drag it out until next year!
Yes I am still unpacking. And doing 2 craft projects in the middle of that made my room even more of a disaster! *sigh* Maybe one day it will be organized.

Valentine's Day dinner! I love my little family. Daniel and I went out in the morning on a breakfast date and spent the evening at home with the kids!