Friday, November 9, 2012

Las Vegas 2012- Part 2

The morning of the wedding, Daniel took the kids to the park so that I could get ready and they could get some energy out. Addie really loves to swing! It's kind of funny because she used to hate it. She would get so scared and tense up really bad when we would barely push her. Maybe now that she can do it herself it's not as scary? (click on the picture to see it bigger!)
She must have been in a very candid mood because Daniel got a lot of pictures of her. Johnny, not so much.
The wedding ceremony was outside at a golf course. Very pretty, a little chilly once the sun went down. The reception was inside and was also very pretty. I managed to get a few good shots of the bride and groom.
First dance.

My dad watching his little girl. So cute!

Isn't my grandpa so cute? He's 90 something years old and still going.

Every time I look at this picture I laugh. I took this right before Blake smashed cake in Nicole's face. Everything about it is funny. Nicole pointing and saying "This is a $600 dress, don't do it." Blake's expressions says "I'm doing it." My dad's face in the background cracks me up and the look on my mom's face says, "I hope he doesn't smash that in her face!". Ha! I love it.
The kids had a great time dancing. This is me telling mine to calm down and watch for other people. There were getting a little crazy!

My brother and I are rarely in Vegas at the same time. It's always fun to see him. This time he came with his fiance Maygen and her twin girls, Rylee and Bailee. They are 6 years old so Addie had a great time with them. I love snapping photos of him holding my little ones. So sweet!
Saturday was my 30th birthday. I feel like I am officially an adult. No longer in my 20's. We spent the morning hanging out with Dustin and his family. Johnny LOVED playing legos with him. Dustin used to spend hours and hours playing and building things.

I wish I would have taken a picture of the fort Dustin built before Johnny smashed it. It was quiet big and elaborate. I think this is why I have no desire to build things for him because I know he will destroy it in no time!
That afternoon we headed down to Fremont Street Experience. If you haven't been to Vegas, this is like the old strip I guess. Older hotels. It used to be really ghetto but they've tried to make it nicer over the years. I really wanted to go on the zip line. Blake works there so we told them we were his family and we all got to go on for free! My mom, sister, and nephew went on it first. It took about 40 minutes for them to go and by the time they got done my kids were starting to get a little crazy. We found a restaurant to eat dinner at. After that Daniel, my sister, nephew and I went on the zip line. It was really fun! Too bad you have to wait so long for such a short ride though.

After the zip line, we got the kids ready for bed then headed out to do some go cart racing with some friends! There were not slow, la-di-da go carts. This was serious, like 20 mph, you have to wear a helmet and gloves go cart racing! I was a little nervous that someone was going to crash in to me and I would go flying across the track. We did two 10 minutes races. The first race I had a bum car. Everyone passed me like 15 times. At one point the car quit completely and an employee had to come start it up again! When they were all laughing at how many times they passed me and how slow I was going I tried to explain that it was the car! They didn't believe me! The second race I got a different car that actually worked and I did twice as many laps! Daniel got stuck with the bum car that I had before so he finally believed me that it was the car not me!

Bum car 16.

We got these silly things to wear under our helmets. Daniel insisted on keeping his because he is certain we are going to do this again sometime!
One thing that I really wanted for my birthday was a cake from Cold Stone. With the craziness of the wedding then hanging out with my brother, everyone (including me) completely forgot! So on our way home from go cart racing we stopped at Wendy's and got Frostys. It was a great way to spend my 30th!

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